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One of the best songwriters around” Time Out

Trevor is a fine guitar picker with a clear unaffected voice and great diction. I can honestly say that there isn’t a song on this album that I wouldn’t listen to again. Folking.Com

His songs are beautifully crafted, telling moving tales of longing and nostalgia” West Sussex County Times

Trevor Clawson knows how to write a song” Q

Hi….welcome to my blog. I am  an Irish songwriter, guitarist and singer, now living in West Sussex, England  where I play regularly on the folk and acoustic music circuits.  By way of description, I like to think I  draw on elements of folk, blues and jazz to create musical backdrops for character-led narrative lyrics.


Secret Histories 2013

Firecracker Day 2016

The World is at Your Feet 2015

Love and Pride 2017

Contact: taclawsonmusic@aol.com

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