Travel and songwriting #2 Coming Home With The Blues

In a previous blog, I wrote about the beneficial effect that travel can have on the songwriting mind.

I was thinking about that again,  when reviewing my last album, Love & Pride, which has been available for about a year and is about to be re-released with additional tracks.

Every album is – or at least should be – a reflection of a particular time and set of circumstances. A kind of diary of a time and place, albeit coded within songs.

In the case of Love & Pride, I began to pull together a collection of new and (some) old songs in the period immediately following a working trip to Chicago. It was my first time in a city that has nurtured some of the giants of jazz, blues, rock and dance music. I was determined to absorb some of that heritage, so I spent my free time in jazz and blues clubs while also finding time to watch a free gospel concert in beside the lake.

And then, as you do, I came home and began to think about making an album and at some level the trip to Chicago rubbed off. But that wasn’t all that was going on. In England, we’d just had the Brexit vote. A month or two later, Trump was elected in the US. Times were uncertain, and I was facing my own personal crisis. I began to think about hbard times past and hard times ahead.

Love& Pride isn’t a blues album – not even close – but it is ‘blue’ in spirit, I think. Hope you enjoy.

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