Off Topic Rant -Low-rent content marketing at its worst

This blog attracts a huge number of comments – perhaps 40 or so a day.

Good news? No. The problem is that the vast majority are in the form of generic comments, such as “great blog” or “I’ve been looking for this information for a long time.”

And of course, all these comments originate from people who have never bothered to read the blog. All they really want to do is sprinkle URLs and e-mail addressed advertising services ranging from tooth whitening to cut price car insurance and even penis enlargement.

So here’s the the thing.  This is low-rent content marketing  at its absolute worst. It’s not that it’s intrusive (they all get deleted after all), it’s just that it’s stupid. After all, who would trust a businesses that attempts to advertise in such an underhand way.

Or maybe, it’s more sinister.  Maybe at least some of the links that accompany the comments lead straight to Malware. Another good reason to delete.

So guys – I know you won’t read this, but if you run legitimate businesses , why not try to approach your blog comment marketing more intelligently by at least engaging in the conversation. No-one minds relevant comment, even if its intended to drive traffic to other websites.  Talk about music or songwriting and you might not be deleted.

And if you’re not legitimate -well I’d rather you didn’t stop by.

Rant over